CMA 1390
cma 1390
The pursuit of the newly designed CMA series lasers is to substantially improve the machine’s stability even while on fast mode and running for a long period, to increase processing efficiency, and to have a perfect output. The software, mechanical structure, ergonomic design, and the spare parts selection all comply with the latest international standard.

The machine weight is 30% heavier than the previous version of the same model. The single unit cost of the equipment increased by 10%. Yueming values standard and quality, always ensuring that its laser machines are able to withstand all kinds of rigorous industrial environments. The newly designed CMA machine series promises stability, accuracy, and processing speed at par with the world’s first class laser equipment.

  • The sockets and socket switches are convenient for auxiliary accessories control to ensure the working field to complies with the 6S management.
  • T5 LED tubes installed in the middle connecting cover board expands the irradiated area to make the working area brighter.
  • The vertical exhaust port increases the absorption, avoiding waste being sucked into ventilation system.
  • The handles and locks are ergonomically designed for easy grip.
  • Space Saver: The rear of the machine has enough room for auxiliary accessories to save floor space.
  • Drawer with bearings is more convenient to take out for cleaning.
  • The “T” handle allows quick machine installation.
  • Enlarge the inner processing space (420mm), convenient for operation and daily maintenance.
  • Using inner articulated juncture, clean and simple.
Model CMA 1390
Power 80W (100W, 130W Optional)
Power Supply AC220-240, 50/60Hz
Reposition Accuracy ≤ ± 0.5mm
Working Speed 0~30m/min
Gross Power 3.2KW (auxiliary accessory included)
Graphic Format Supported AI, DXF, BMP, JPG, PLT, DST, DSB, ETC.
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Working Environment 5ºC-40ºC Humidity: 5%~80%, non-condensation
Working Area 600mm x 400mm
Weight 260KG
Dimension 1530mm x 1070mm x 1070mm


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