The all-new Expert 24 LX with 250 grams of cutting force and up to 15.7 IPS cutting speed that offers precise cutting quality, superior tracking capability plus an advanced AAS function for auto contour cutting to meet the demands of the craft market. GCC uses the same professional cutter components from our high quality machines to keep the cutting quality and reliability at an affordable price.

  • HIGH SPEED GLAVANOMETER SCANNER. All-digital drive and scanning motor, low zero drift for long working, long-term stability with fine marking effect.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE WORK PLATFORM. Maximize the realization of the work demands and different sizes.
  • USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL PANEL. Built-in safety emergency stop button ensures the safety of production. High-quality electrical components improve the system stability for long-term working.
  • WORK PLATFORM. Mounting holes evenly, can adapt to different positioning of the workpiece. Different tables are available for different demands.
  • COOLING DESIGN. Efficient cooling equipment designed to enhance stability.
  • SMARTSCANNER SOFTWARE SYSTEM. Self-owned Intellectual property, simple operation, compatible with multiple languages, free updates.
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Model Expert 24 LX
Operational Method Roller-Type
Maximum Cutting Width 600mm (23.6”)
Maximum Cutting Length 50m (1.97’)
Maximum Media Loading Width 719mm (28.3””)
Minimum Media Loading Width 50m (1.97’)
Acceptable Material Thickness 110mm x 110mm /175mm X 175mm
Drive Motor Stepper
Max. Cutting Force 250g
Maximum. Cutting Speed up to 400 mm/sec (15.7 ips)
Acceleration 0.42 G (gravity)
Memory Buffer 500KByte
Interfaces USB 2.0 (Full speed) and serial (RS-232C)
Type Command HP-GL, HP-GL/2
Mechanical Resolution 0.012mm
Software Resolution 0.025mm (0.00098”)
Distance Accuracy 0.254mm or 0.1% of move, whichever is greater
Automatic-Aligning System N/A / Standard AAS II
Curve & Arc Smoothing Yes
Configurable Origin Yes
Tracking 3m (~10’)
Control Panel 10 Control Keys and 6 LED
Power Supply 100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz (Auto-Switching)
Power Consumption Millimeter 233mm x 255mm x 880mm
Inches 9.1” x 10” x 34.6”
Net Weight 11kg (24.25lbs)
Stand Optional


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