Handtop HT3200UV RTR UV Printer
Handtop HT3200UV RTR UV Printer
  • Maximum printing width is 3200mm.
  • Supports two-roll material printing.
  • The mute liner guide rail allows quiet and stable printing.
  • Has automatic negative pressure control system.
  • High-precision and industrial printhead.
  • Allows combination of personalized processing and industrial production.
  • Has a water-cooling printing platform with three adjustable suction zone.
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Model HT3200 UV RTR
Printhead Ricoh Gen5 Grayscale Piezoelectric Print Head
Printhead Quality 4-8 pcs Double Row
Maximum Resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Print mode Unit-directional and Bi-directional
4 Pass 624 sqft/h
6 Pass 409 sqft/h
8 Pass 312 sqft/h
Medium Width 3,200mm
Medium Roll-to-Roll
Medium Thickness Max. 2mm
Applicable Medium Banner, Backlit Film, Backlit PVC, Backlit Fabric, Mesh, Vinyl and all types of roll-to-roll media.
Ink Environment-friendly UV Curable Ink free from VOC, 3L/barrel
Ink Color C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, V, Flexible Combination
Special Ink UV White Ink and Varnish (optional when LC and/or LM are not available)
Input Format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
Software Interface Seeget, Onyx, Caldera
Net Weight 1,800KG
Machine Size 6.46m (H) x 1.31m (W) x 1.71m (L)
Printing Size 3.2mm
Electrical Requirement 230V AC50Hz Single Phase
Curing Method Water-Cooling LED Lamp (Power Adjustable)
Ink Purging System Individual Ink Purge System for Take Up and Feeding
Environment ● Separated Workroom in Good Cleaning and Ventilated Condition
● Temperature: 18°C ~ 30°C,
● Humidity: 40%° ~ 70%RH
● Ventilation: Exhaust Fan with Volume of 600 cfm
Certification CE, FCC
Power 50/60Hz / 5KW (22A) / 220V/380V


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