iEcho BK3
iEcho BK3
BK3 cutting systems supply the best solution to make sampling and short-run production in variety of industries. BK is equipped with variety of knives and pens, meets different material's cutting. It can realize high speed, high precision full cutting, half cutting and punching, kiss cutting, milling, creasing and marking with its stacker and collecting system, it can complete the material feeding and collecting quickly. BK3 is quite suitable for sample making, short run and mass production in signages, advertising, printing and packaging industries.

  • With high precision CCD camera, BK3 cutting for different materials. It solves the problems of manual positioning deviation and print deformation.
  • Control the cutting depth accuracy with displacement sensor through automatic knife initialization.
  • The max cutting speed is 1.5m/s (4-6 times faster than manual cutting),
  • which considerably increase the production efficiency.
  • Safety device ensures the security of the operator.
  • CutterServer makes the cutting process smooth, efficient, & perfect.
  • Equipped with Regional Air Suction for the table to have a better suction effect.
  • Intelligent conveyor system makes feeding, cutting and collecting to work cooperatively. Continuous cutting function can cut the long pieces, saving.
  • labor cost and increasing productivity.
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Machine iEcho Bk3
Type BK3 1713 BK3 2513 BK3 2517
Cutting Area 1700x1300 2500x1200 2500x1700
Machine Dimension 1500x2100 3200x2100 3200x2400
Max Cutting Speed 1500mm/s
Cutting Accuracy 0.1
Max Cutting Thickness 50
Data Format DF HPGL PDF
Interface Serial Port
Media Vacuum System
Pump Power 5.5KW / 7.5KW / 9KW
Power 220V/50H X 380V/50HZ
Operating Environment Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
Humidity: 20%° ~ 80%RH


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